100 thoughts on “10 DAYS YOGA CHALLENGE – DAY 1 – [Breathing, Vinyasa and Sun Salutations]

  1. Hi Gabo…
    I love your way of Calisthenics×Yoga.
    ◆Can you help me with meal timing for yoga?
    Like, if i have a cup of Oatmeal for breakfast at 7:00 am then after what time interval i can practice yoga (especially forward, backward and side bending).

    ◆Also can we practice same yoga exercises daily if we are working for a particular goal(such as splits, pancake, chakrasana etc.)

    ◆what are the exercises (both Yoga and calisthenics) which you find the coolest to learn?

    ◆pls tell about the specific yoga exercises to do before (or any warmup exercise) and after strength or Hypertrophy training to maximize results.

    Sorry for putting these many questions😅 as i have too many doubts being a beginner.

    All the help is appreciated. Thankyou.

  2. Thank you so much for this! I have begun my calisthenics journey, and now, with your help, I am beginning my yoga journey. Again, thank you so much for your time and effort in making these videos. I look forward to many more!

  3. Challenge accepted really what i was looking for. I started yoga and calisthenics by my own and you will help me a lot with these videos 😀 thanks a lot

  4. You've changed my entire outlook on flexibility and functionality, mind to muscle connection, mental well being supporting physical wellbeing… so much respect and love man.

  5. It is great Gabo!!!! I am from Hong Kong and always watch u n Chris video. That’s so awesome 👏🏽 Keep work hard tgt

  6. You're such an inspiration as well man. Thank you for your vids together with Chris en Osvaldo. Changing my life. Much love. <3

  7. Thank you so much Gabo. Another really important thing to do before we enter any kind of practice whether it be yoga, calisthenics, martial arts etc is to meditate on reminding ourselves why we are doing this. It will make the practice much more meaningful, we put more effort in, and we will stick with it.

  8. Hey Gabo. Glad to see u sharing yoga. I'm doing Thenx, which is how I found u. Can I do these the same day as training? Or should it be done on off days? Thanks.

  9. Wow that's exactly what I was looking for! I hope this challenge will introduce me to yoga as I'd like to become more flexible for my calisthenics practice. Btw do you know what shadow yoga is? Thank you

  10. Hola Gabo primero gracias por tan buenos videos.La parte 1 creo que la haré más de un día al menos 1 semana antes de pasar al 2.Es mejor hacer yoga después de el entrenamiento de calistenia?.Gracias Saludos desde España.

  11. Late to the party, I finally realized that taking up this yoga challenge was the perfect way to address the flexibility and mobility of this old body. It goes well with my calisthenic training which I use to retain muscle mass and learn new skills. The sessions are meditative, short and to the point. (I am on day 4 as I write this.)

  12. Hi Gabo, thank you for all your super nice videos!
    I would like to start with your Yoga Challenge, but after signing up on the link I don´t get any further emails. Already tried it with a second email adress but no success so far.
    Do I have to wait for it or does it may malfunction?
    Anyway, thanks again and have a nice day 🙂

  13. Bro, tq so much for this challenge..at last, i found u..and your yoga routine really fits me as i did calisthenic too..before this i did yoga from other channel but its really not match my goals..please bro, if u can add more videos..really appreciate you and i think with this yoga routine im able to do it every single day..yeah, just 10-15 mins!! Thanks bro

  14. I love you and your channel man:), Do you have any advise for me, I am currently doing yoga but I want to calisthenics as well, my ultimate goal is to achieve the splits and be flexible overall. Which form of exercise would be better thanks

  15. Hi man. Fan here! Any tips for beginners like me on starting yoga? Can I do it on my free time or it needs its own time and specific sequence? Hahaha sorry for my english

  16. For the first seated pose, as I was sitting back on my heelsI felt some tension in my shins. Is this typical for beginners?

  17. Hola gabo! eres una gran inspiración, soy principiante y al sentarme en mis rodillas siento mucho dolor en el dorso de mis pies, hace imposible mantener esa posicion, algun tips para corregir eso? saludos desde chile eres grande!

  18. You are just awesome! Nice to see a fit and strong/ripped guy do Yoga! Most guys dont even consider doing its and its a shame! Whats the best yoga style in your opionion? I want to start with it as well but im interested in the more powerful and strength focused yoga but i dont want to miss the flexebility apect^^ is there even a style like that? Greeting from Germany!

  19. Just started the challenge and I am feeling great. I've never espected I would like yoga that much.Keep up the good work!

    P.S. My wrists hurt while I am doing the routine, so can you give me an advice?

  20. Ooh man this is harder that i think, i'm gonna made the complete Challenge, i know you by your calisthecnics vídeos and you inspired me to learn and start practice yoga 👍👍

  21. Hello there!
    Yesterday found your channel. I really appreciate what you are doing! I am pretty sure you will be able to reach to as many people as possible.
    Thank you!

  22. Gabo! I just want to share the gratitude my heart feels for you! Your videos are amazing! Integrity of motion is super important to me (especially after spinal cord surgery), and you have that 💯 % please keep up the fantastic work!

    Can you please make follow along calisthenics-yoga workout videos?!!!

  23. Thank you for your great video. I just wanted to ask how long have you been doing yoga, and where did you learn it from?

  24. i Just discovered your channel and i am already in love with the contents and the information you give. keep it up! greetz from Italy 😉

  25. You’re such a fantastic teacher! OMG, what a wonderful skill and how generous of you to share with all of us! Thank you 🙏🏻

  26. Hola muchas gracias por subtitular tu vídeos para los españoles que no sabemos inglés haces que estemos más cerca gracias Namaste

  27. Gracias Gabo por los subtítulos en español, la verdad pensaba que el yoga era de viejas pero es bastantes funcional y filosofico

  28. Grew up doing surya namaskars as an Indian household health thing. I don't know the types, etc but your transitions are a bit…. "callesthenics" – which makes sense given your combo, but I thought this series was yoga in the traditional sense. At least the way we do it, it isn't really about strength so much as movements. It is really a general purpose fitness practice that can be done by toddlers to senior citizens without any major fitness level. Beginners will generally touch chest and knees to the floor too at the lowest point (but not stomach). I recall being guided by a traditional gymnastics (mallakhamb – pole gymnastics) coach that there is time to show off strength, this is more about easy and controlled movements "The more strength you use, the less effortless the movement is". Though I've also seen Indian wrestlers do more push uppy versions similar to shoulder push up to cobra pose and back. This "floating" stuff seems to defeat the purpose of the stretching aspect of surya namaskars in taking one leg back then other (and then forward) which is often alternating as to which leg goes back and comes forward each time.

    An example of how we traditionally do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xRX1MuoImw is less challenging than your version, but all the poses have their purpose and the overall exercise is seen as one of waking up your body in the morning to alertness and flexibility. More about maintaining/improving range of motion, balance and functional movements than strength. For that matter, most of yoga poses are like that apart from the few rare ones involving balancing on hands, etc.

    The above comment is more like observations in how your version seems different from what I've seen done even by Indian athletes, not so much criticism in the sense of strength being emphasized. Am a big fan of your skills and insights. Would be interested in hearing if you had something specific in mind with the adaptations.

  29. Kinda fast for a real beginner like me who start from 0. Let's see tomorrow with the part 2. Is it ideal to repeat this part, to be able to keep up with the pace of the video?

    Thank you for your time investment into this. It felt so good this first time! 🙂

  30. Great video. I mean: great explanation, great energies, even the length of your videos I can consider as perfect. I am very thankful after watching and doing your instructions. Thanks Saturno!

  31. Just started the ten day challenge. Just completed day one and I'm doing it one more time 💪❤🙏 just had a quick question from someone. Is this challenge okay for a pregnant women?

  32. Gabo God Bless you. Thanks 🙏 for share you knowledge with ours. The best for you. 🌕🌸🍄🐠💫🌙🤸‍♂️🏆🏅🥇💰💵

  33. The way you float to the back of the mat is the most majestic part of the routine.
    I tried to do it, fell on my fuckin' face 😂😅

  34. Is there any way to remember this through pdf or something? i tried to name the poses but i find it a bit hard. I found the pdf in descreption, but a mailchip ad is covering it

  35. Gabo: escribo en español porque se que también hablas en esta lengua. Estoy realizando en 2019 el desafío. Muchas gracias por tus videos y el contenido que haz ido subiendo ¡sirve de mucho! aùn a pesar de la traducción automática. Este es de los mejores canales con los que me he topado. ¡Un saludo!

  36. I always was sceptic when it came to yoga. Now that I watched many of your videos I decided to try your ten days challenge. The first day is done and I will definitely give yoga a chance. Thanks for your inspirational videos Gabo, it‘s really a pleasure.
    Greetings from Munich

  37. I took a test in physical education class called the sit and reach where you have to do the toe touch stretch while sitting down and they measure how far your arms can reach I got I score of 6 on each leg ( out of 15) and my teacher was astonished at how bad I did

  38. At first, I didn't feel like I wanna do it but after hearing the intro and doing it with you, I really felt like I wanna learn and practice yoga. Also, the PDF file ! I'm impressed. This is gonna be super helpful for me. much love and gratitude..

  39. Nicely done bro! I have been lifting for a long time but a total beginner to yoga and have no clues how to start praticing it. I always look for ways to combine flexibility and total body control, your guide just come in handy!!!

  40. Saludos yo se que hablas español me gusta tus videos trato de seguir las clases de yoga pero podrías ir un poco más lento, gracias

  41. Hi I really like ur way to yoga and exercise. I am learning dance. So I want to know which yoga and exercise is best to improve dance and flexibility as well as dance stunts

  42. Hey man. I am big fan of you and subscriber from South Korea. I've been practice yoga for two years and want to inspire yoga to korean people, So I opened my korean yoga channel named YogaGang. Could you allow me to create contents that follow your yoga flow in video? Thank you and i hope you are always great and well

  43. When I do these yoga poses I feel pain in my glutes is something wrong with me i just started to stretch and do yoga keep in mind i work 40+hours a week at a restaurant and need to figure out what I'm doing wrong

  44. No lm a weights guy! But then l tried this and my body and soul thanked me! Now l am hooked on yoga! I would never have believed it !!! Thank you

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