🎧 Hear God’s Voice Guided Meditation – Find Your Spiritual Gifts

🎧 Hear God’s Voice Guided Meditation – Find Your Spiritual Gifts

hi and welcome back today we’re gonna look about how you are a member of Christ’s body and in particular we’re going to be looking at the scripture of first Corinthians 12:27 which says now you which is talking about you are the body of Christ and individual members of it if we look at the context of this scripture in 1st Corinthians chapter 12 Paul is educating the church at Corinth about spiritual gifts now the value of the body of Christ which is you and all the other people that surround you that are Christian people that are followers of Christ is the diversity of gifts that God has personally given to every single believer and Paul likes to point out in this scripture that there’s one and the same spirit and this spirit this one spirit distributes all kinds of gifts as he wants to as he determines to and these gifts are given for the good of the body and he gives several different gifts that he mentions but in this particular list he mentions message of wisdom knowledge faith gifts of healing miraculous powers prophecies and distinguishing between spirits speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues and Paul says that God arranged the parts of the body exactly as he wants them to be and then Paul introduces the word body in 1212 and then he repeats it 18 times alone in just chapter 12 and then he uses the word 1 5 times in just two scriptures 12 12 through 12 13 so it’s evident that Paul wants the reader to know the importance of unity and oneness yellow soul is a gifts distributed to the body of Christ to include apostles prophets teachers miracles healings helps administration and tongues but when we look at the body of Christ when we look at that word it’s when Christ took on a physical body over 2,000 years ago he represented God to the people and he says whoever has seen me has seen the father and then after Christ’s ascension he continued his work in the world through the believers and guess what that includes you you along with all the other followers of Christ are now representatives of Christ’s body to the world Christ works through you to boldly and clearly demonstrate God’s love so just think about it you have a special gift that God gave you that he wants to use today to speak to others about who Jesus is like I said jesus said if you have seen me you have seen the father and now that’s your job when people see you they see the father and so today we’re gonna focus on what spiritual gifts God has given you and then what’s he want you to do with those gifts so today we’re gonna slow down for the next few minutes and we’re gonna come into our father’s throne room and we’re gonna ask some questions and we’re gonna listen for the answers and remember scripture says you can come boldly before your father because you are a follower of Christ and because you are a child of God so take a moment to take some deep breaths breathing in and then breathing out breathing in and then breathing out we’re gonna take start feeling relaxation in the top of your scalp moving down over your eyelids down your nose relaxing inside your mouth relax your tongue your jaw relaxing the outside of the mouth all the way down your neck relaxing your shoulders the tops of your arms the bottoms of your arms are relaxing your hands are relaxing beside you tops of your legs your knees your calves all relaxing your feet all the way down to your toes are relaxed now invite Holy Spirit to speak to you now Holy Spirit my eyes are open my ears are open to receive from you I surrender this time to you you are most important Holy Spirit you are most important Jesus sent you and I listen for your voice now so I want you to ask God this question God what spiritual gift or gifts did you give me and then listen for the answer you might hear him you might see a vision you might feel something I might just know that you know what gifts did you give me and see yourself using these gifts as he teaches you and tells you and when you’re ready ask God how do I use these gifts to glorify you how do I use these gifts to glorify you God even today God how do you want to use these gifts through me lastly God what more would you like to show me and it can be about these gifts it can be about your day it can be about something else going on in your life but God what more would you like to show me and then be still and listen if you enjoyed this I pray that you subscribe to this channel and asked to get notified with that little bell below the screen here and every time I release a new meditation a new activation exercise you will be the first to know and you can come back and continue on with this ability to learn how to hear God so please subscribe and be notified and continue to come back day after day because you will grow and you will continue to have an amazing walk with Christ and it’s one that you will never imagine is so fruitful and God can use you so richly when you learn to hear his voice be blessed and multiply in Jesus name have a great day I’ll see you tomorrow you

3 thoughts on “🎧 Hear God’s Voice Guided Meditation – Find Your Spiritual Gifts

  1. Thanks for watching! It is an honor to lead you into this teaching and activation exercise. During this guided meditation I felt like God said that my gift during this season was administration (it has predominately been teaching in the past). He explained that this was a newer gift for me because I will need it to organize a lot of things going on in my business during this time. When I asked if He had anything else for me, I felt like He said the journey ahead was exciting and many new doors were opening.

    What did He say to you?? I love reading your comments and will respond to all. Thank you!

  2. I love this video i know god has a calling over my life I was speaking to god asking him but I didn’t receive anything im having a tough time with hearing his soft spoken voice and figuring out if it’s me thinking the thoughts i don’t know why this is so difficult for me i desire to hear gods voice in my spirit not just in the Bible

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