❤️ How do I deal with this deep heartbreak 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

❤️ How do I deal with this deep heartbreak 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

well the thing that is most uncomfortable about your current
situation is that it feels to you like your happiness your relationship with
your vortex is dependent upon what somebody else does and you can’t control
that you’re talking with our friend a little earlier to be in that sort of a
place that feels like a bind and to send a powerful rocket of desire with the
ulterior motive of sending a rocket out to fix what’s broken so that you can
feel better yeah it’s just sort of a backwards approach to it now it’s easy
for us to say and not always so easy for you to hear but situations like this
where you send those Rockets forth create even better relationships for you
yeah and it’s clear that something that you very much wanted from this
relationship was something that he very much did not want it’s an interesting
thing what you feel as soothing your sense of insecurity to him feels like a
loss of freedom and so it’s sort of like he has to give up something he wants in
order for you to get what you want when you play in the very narrow relationship
field when it’s just the two of you but if instead you can step back and say oh
well this was just data collecting and this was just helping me through the
course of the relationship to define what I really want in a relationship and
thank you very much for helping me define it so I have created speaking of
you I have created a relationship and it’s in my vortex of creation waiting
for me but your attention to this person who claims not to be it keeps you from
going in the vortex to you never will have a satisfying experience when you
think that your vortex work is done to control the behavior of another so that
you can feel better in other words is still the same old thing I need to
control the circumstances of them so that I will feel better and what it
really comes down to nobody ever likes this advice when we give it to them they
ask for it they never like it when we give it to them is that you have two
choices you can be without this person and
unhappy or without this person and happy and if you choose to be because the
third option isn’t on the table being dragged him and you into the vortex and
make him marry you so when you say I am determined to be happy and further I’m
even more empowered because this data helped me decide more clearly what I
want this isn’t a question about whether you’re right or he’s right about how
relationships should unfold this is about you living enough life to know
clearly what you want and him helping you put it in a very clear way and now
the universe has already orchestrated that the question is how long are you
going to use that relationship as your excuse not to go rendezvous with what
you’re really asking for it’s when I think of him I love every
single aspect of him well maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not but we all
witness just now you thought of him and went into the vortex and then you
thought of him and it wore Tex spit you out because thinking of him can put you
in the vortex and thinking of the absence of him can spit you out of the
vortex but the thought of him is not very safe territory is it no no in other
words if you’re determined to be in the vortex and this is the thing that’s hard
to hear because sometimes in fact really really often people want to know how to
get in the vortex so that the vortex can work its magic and make something turn
out the way they want it and we say you’re misusing the vortex you want to
get in the vortex because it feels good in there period you’re going to get in
there because now you’re who you are period you want to get in there because
that’s where you belong and if you get in there and learn to hang around in
there consistently then you’ll start getting the inspiration to move in the
direction of everything that you want and all life is so fun when you’re
hanging around and moving around in the vortex I would like to ask also when I
do have thoughts of him I know you said it’s unsafe territory but I’m reminded
of him everywhere I look music everything all the time well then you’ve
got to find a way to make those thoughts work for you and the fastest way to get
there is you were so good for me and I was so good for you but the greatest
gift you’ve given me is that you sharpened my awareness of who I really
am and caused me to create you see what you’re creating you’re not creating a
relationship you’re creating you in a relationship you’re not creating money
you’re creating you in a financial experience in other words you are the
creator of you so what you what you want to say to him as you think about him is
you were so helpful to me because you beside the fun we had together you
helped me to clarify Who I am and what I want to the degree that now was in my
vortex is so much more evolved and it would not be if it had not been
for you thank you so much for the step along the way in my creation of me
that you were you see when you get in the vortex here’s the value of just
getting in there and hanging around just for the heck of it just just because we
say so here’s the value of it once you’re consistently hanging around in
there your self-confidence comes back into its natural rhythm your sense of
worthiness and well-being comes back into its natural rhythm and all that’s
happened here is that he caused you to create a relationship that you have not
yet lived you’ve got to figure out how to find the vibrational essence of it
and live it before the relationship can be yours
you see you have not yet been and this is true of almost everyone you are not
yet a vibrational match to the relationship of your dreams and this
person who has just left is not a vibrational match to the relationship of
your dreams in other words he didn’t go because you’re not lovely to be with and
he didn’t really go because you scared him away he went because he’s not a
match to the relationship that he helped you create can you hear that and so when
you think of him you want to say thanks so much for all of all of all of all of
it and I’m so pleased with what we created
for me and for you as a result of being together and now I’m gonna do my very
best to give my undivided attention to whatever thoughts take me into that
vibrational vicinity where the trail will unlike before me where the
rendezvous is will begin and we promise you there’ll be a time when you sat down
you began by talking about this delicious relationship which lasted just
seconds as you began because you went right to the lack of it but there is
something so much big

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  1. This lady doesn't understand that telling her to be appreciate of him "sharpening her self awareness" doesn't get rid of her primal emotion to want to be with him

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