✪ Spirituality - The 7 Principles of Spiritual Practice ~ VISUALIZATION

✪ Spirituality – The 7 Principles of Spiritual Practice ~ VISUALIZATION

BlogTalkRadio the world's largest online radio network get ready to expand your intuition connect to God experience deeper relationships open your heart and feel more joy and finally in the chaos in your life are you ready to get unstuck and more us how do I do it the answer is simple the time has come for feet spiritual business it starts right now on spirituality boot camp with your host kristen white welcome welcome everyone and we're back for week five of spirituality boot camp and I'm your host Kristen white and we created the series here on vivid life radio as part of our launch for the vivid life university that's right the founder of vivid life shane travis and myself kristen white put our heads together we thought you know what there has to be a way where we can take these incredible thought leaders these transformational inspirational forces these people that come on to vivid life on a regular basis and take it one step further where we can actually work with you directly and teach you step by step how to manifest and create transformation and move into that greater realm of possibility in your life and so that's why we created vivid life University we're launching it this summer and this is our first series it's called spirituality boot camp the seven principles of spiritual practice and whether you've been with us since the beginning or you're just now joining us I am so excited because I know that you are going to feel the energy feel the force of possibility that comes from just basic practice basic spiritual practice so today my guest is joining us from UK and he's been up late watching the Olympics actually I'm just kidding about that but he is joining in this is one o'clock in the morning there and it's come all radhiya and he is going to give us a treat today he is the author of find you and find everything the secrets of the law of attraction and home all is also a world renowned expert on manifesting and the law of attraction and he's been described as a super coach okay I'm so excited have a super coach on the show with us and he's going to be coaching you directly on the topic of visualization so home all thank you so much for joining us tonight hi Tristan it's a pleasure to be here thank you it's great to be here I know I'm so glad you're here you know what we're on the principle of visualization but you know you and I talked before the show even started and we said you know let's talk about not just visualization but also manifesting and prosperity and energy so we're going to go into some of the really fun juicy stuff but let's start just for a minute with visualization what is visualization it's really interesting because then I guess the implication of the word is visual and what I would say is it doesn't necessarily have to be visual because oftentimes some people will say oh but I can't see pictures or I can't visualize something and I'll say well it's okay because if we're talking about manifesting in law of attraction and like research snaps parity and my view is it's really about getting a sense of something so visualization is really a tool to adjusting your energy or your vibration rather than the be-all and the end-all so so don't worry if you can't see specific pictures so don't worry about that sometimes some people are more auditory some people are more kinesthetic so it's okay it's more getting a sense generally I would say you know when you're wanting to manifest something like prosperity it's the feeling that you get about it so visualization is just a tools just like acclimation just like vision boards whatever else it's another tool to adjusting your energy and your vibration and the way you know that is by how you feel so so what does visualization it's really a true say a process or a tool to adjust your energy it's about that I noticed but a way of getting a sense of what you want to attract into your life so if it's prosperity you can see yourself as prosperity has it has it feels will see yourself with that prosperity and if we're saying that it doesn't have to be visual it could be something that's an auditory experience for you but generally you'll get it you get a feeling basically will start to feel very real you might start to feel excited you might start to feel tingly so I would say follow that and then just make the visual images or whatever since that you get as a as a stimulus for that you know hem all I know inside my meditation I love to use visualization and I especially like using symbols because I think that the universe really recognizes symbols and they it's almost like it sends out a message beyond our structure of our mind you know and so oftentimes when I was visualizing prosperity okay I would start with like visualization where I would see you know my body filling with light like magnetic energy and then I would see that light going out to the universe and then I would see it bringing back you know abundance in the form of a symbol it could be like you know gold or diamonds or just anything that energetically represented prosperity but not necessarily something specific because what I found for myself was that whatever I thought I wanted it was too small there was always rush with bigger available and that the symbols helped have the realm of expansiveness larger yeah also when using some bulges very very useful because often times I mean we all are deep I mean with a symbology but if you think about even languages symbology is just you know what we define is from ecology so but symbology is powerful in the sense that oftentimes it bypasses certain conscious blocks we may have because it's more instinctive it's more baby primal more more instinctive in the sense that it's working on a level then let's say someone said they want to attract $10,000 by the end of the week for example whereas if they work with the symbology that may be useful way for them to warm up around the issue of prosperity it stops them certain blocks coming up like if we set them to attract $10,000 by the end of the week they may have certain beliefs or blocks that may come up about it like how will I do that or how will I track that amount of money etc etc but with symbology because it's for abstract sometimes we bypass certain blocks that we have so symbology is a great way to start something then working with us involves and that's oftentimes the brain communicates all the the universe communicates to us through symbology and then vice versa as well so it can be useful in that in that respect as well so what are some of your favorite symbols when you're teaching visualization and imagery – I know you have thousands of students around the globe there any is there any kind of you know I'm not trying to put you on the spot because I know it's late there a little of visualization exercise that maybe you could even take us through right now let's take up at what I have the register of the wilderness automotive yes I mean what I would say to me individual is really I would say to the listener listen because I would say what are your representations of of or some symbols of protocol it's a very individual I mean we have Universal ones it could be gold coins it could be the Sun it could be whatever else I remember him and when I started out in this field about 17 or so years ago there was this Hilo and this spiritual lady and she would imagine gold coins falling down all around go etc etc so it's all kind of unique what I would say what is it that makes you feel prosperous what does it makes you feel rich what colors are the involves that other sounds or the textures or the experiences and so no is it is it lavish fabric textures what is it other certain types of colors so I would focus more round that it could be someone likes to be bathed in yellow or gold or whatever else it might be so you know it could so again it doesn't have to be even specific images it could be just colors or sensual experiences so what is it that makes you feel prosperous and rich and just take it gently in a step and a step at a time and what I would say with with manifesting and with law of attraction is sometimes what people try and do is they try and jump too quickly so they might say they may have a goal for a million dollars and it might be that they're not quite ready yet energetically or in terms of their beliefs so just starting off a flight with symbology start off with things that are gentle and easy just just thinking of money or thinking of prosperity or thinking of gold or think of the color yellow or gold even just if that makes you feel good start off with that then get more and more specific and sometimes people get very specific very quickly on what they want and their beliefs aren't quite ready it's really more about if you imagine an energetic stream and you're what you're trying to do is you're trying to put your toe into the stream with gentle things that you resonate with so rather than having a specific goal you could start with a more of an abstract or a symbolic or something symbolic and as you start to align to the feeling of the energy of the vibrational prosperity you're then getting into the stream now when you're in the stream you're on you and your flow or in your alignment or have you know just describe it you're then more easily able to feel from that place often something we're trying to try to affect our goals we're kind of initially we start the process from the outside of our goals which I actually get into we're trying to get into that place so by thinking of specific little gentle things that put you into your flow and you start to feel prosperity more and more so you might start off with certain visualizations or certain experiences you start to feel it so once you get into that groove you can then get more and more specific because you're then in your flow and it's more powerful in that place so I would say start off whatever you do solve gently and in an easy way don't try and rush or jump into it too quickly let the stream or let the law of attraction carry you because if you're starting to feel a certain way and you don't contradict it or you don't block it or you don't fear it you just allow it you just let it continue north attraction says you'll attract more the same so if you continue it's like it's like when we fall in love when we genuinely fall in love and we don't have doubts or fears or whatever it just expands it gets bigger and bigger and we start to think about this person we feel it more and more and it grows and it grows and grows and grows it's only when we get scared about it or have other experiences that actually negate that or block it but when we're in our flow we just allow ourselves to feel loved law of attraction means we start to think of them in this way and then we start to think of them that way and what will it be when this happens or one when we see him or her well it took that it's just a very natural experience to get excited to be in your flow and so we're actually very much all used to it and so with what you want whether it's prosperity or whatever else just let the flow take you let the stream carry you basically let it take you and just don't block it but let it build and Bill's just like falling in love and let it let it take you where you need to go you know you raise such a valid point and I'm sure that our listeners will appreciate this is the fact that there's our time and if there's divine time and oftentimes that doesn't line up and and I know this just from my own journey and I'm sure you have many stories about this where it's like you know we're doing our law of attraction and we're like okay I want $10,000 or I want a new relationship or I want a new car or I want my book to be published and I want it by you know the first Monday in the month of August doesn't happen we get discouraged because we think oh I've just proved that it doesn't work and that that's probably the quickest way in visualization or any of these principles to short-circuit being in the flow like you just talked about yeah well it's an interesting concept we just mentioned out which is a question I often get asked which is how does time come into attracting what we want in terms of how do we influence the timing of it and my view is as there is no concept of time you attract by vibrational bioenergy so just because you set a deadline for having something done by Friday or whatever it's actually not the fact that you said it's Friday but the fact that you think of it as Friday and how that impacts and affects your energy is how it affects your attracting it so it's also if there's most of the energy so time can be a tool in your alignment of your energy that's it but it's actually not the word the date all the time that's actually doing the attracting is actually the energy that you have about what you want so how quickly something comes into your life is based on how you allow it or enable it in terms of your own alignment to it that that's actually what it comes down to and that's it so when you think of a specific time period or specific timeframe it's really just when because when you think of something by next Friday or by the end of the month and the way that you define it how it impacts your perception of it and your energy and your vibration about it that's what brings it to you quickly or or otherwise hey you know I was thinking about this and I was working with one of my clients and you know I tried to explain it to her I said you know what it's like it's like being 14 years old and asking when am I going to be 21 what am I going to be 21 just be want to be 21 doesn't make you 21 any sooner if you're only 14 so I do think that as souls we are all on a path of learning and expansion and development and there's some work that goes on underneath the surface like we can't really see it and there's other stuff that's like visible in the world and we're just ready when we're ready mmm I mean what I would also say is so imagine if you were 21 how would you feel what would it be like in the and I don't know if you said it was a girl some days you might say to myself well I'd feel more mature I feel like an adult okay well how does that feels right try it on and what else would you feel and she might sell well people will treat me a certain way okay so pretend people are tweeting you're certainly how does that feel and I would just get out I would just say well let's forget about 21 and 14 let's just pretend living that wherever we're house how's that and go from there so that's what we do like goals in the sense what you're doing is you're taking on that reality you're letting your letting go the fact that it's not here yet because in a sense you want to fall in love with your life regardless of the physical manifestation of what you're wanting because and we talk about unconditional love and I think it's really about having unconditional love for where you're at right now and that you'll be happy one day when you have what you're trying to manifest so in a sense what would it be like if you have what you're trying to manifest and you're kind of creating them you bring the two to get two together basic you're kind of collapsing to realities where you are and where you want to be you're now you're then actually then living right now as if you have what you want and of course when you do that it's like oftentimes when we forget about what we're trying to attract because we don't need it anymore it shows up and then we go oh yes I've been wanting that all this time I completely forgot about it in period that was it and that's what it's like when we're seeking oftentimes is because we're doing it on the element from the place of lack that where is it when they're going to show up when taking a shot when's she gonna show up when and so on and so when we do that there's an elm of lack in our energy at the absence of it but when we stop thinking about it we just get into the moment and we just enjoy it we know we're no longer pushing against it we're actually allowing it and then all of a sudden woman like if you've been looking for it shows up and we go where did I come from I just I think it's an incredible statement that you just made and you said a lot so I put there's wonder you just said that I love is that to fall in love with where you're at right now in this moment and I think that's such an important principle in all of this is that just to embrace the present moment and to love this present moment that we're in because when we're in that space that to me I've learned because it is hard it's hard I remember back in my history you know my background is you know a decade in TV news and I never really enjoyed any market that I was in because I kept thinking where I was going to work next you know like I'm always like rushed you know I'm in Florida I need to go to New York I'm I'm in Arizona I need to go here like I just was always looking forward and it's funny because now that I'm not in it you know I look back and I think boy I don't even remember what I did some of those days even though I did these incredible things because I was so busy thinking about where I was going next right and you know I was younger at the time but it was a real lesson for me about you know just really drinking in the nectar of the present moment and all the good stuff that happens that we miss because we're always projecting or looking backwards yeah I mean in a sense what I would say to people is what if everything you need and require is here actually is actually here right now what if what if it is pretend it is sometimes we can overlook stuff it's like an analogy I often use on my coaching calls is like it's like when you're in the kitchen you're looking for the saltcellar is that right there in front of you and you're kind of just overlooking it so so what if what if what you want is actually here pretend as it is it's because this is the things when you pretend something or when you assume something is your jack you're adjusting of perceptual filters or adjusting your energy your vibration so you're actually calling it you're either calling it in or my viewers it's already here you're just revealing it for me and there are many people that teach Law of Attraction I think often times they teach about attracting or creating and the way I like to teach it or talk about it is that assume that everything already exists on an energetic level it already does everything you want already exists so you're not in my view you're not actually creating or attracting it you're just revealing it because oftentimes when people talk about creating or attracting the implication is that it's not here and you need to attract it in order to create it in and for me there's some for some people the way they think of that there's an absence there's an element of absence or lack of what you want because you still need to create it or tracked it because it's not here and what I do is although physically may not be here but I say to people what energetic energetically already is spiritually it already exists because it's already there on hot level you've already thought of it you've got the design for it so let's focus on that and so assume there's no actual ready here and all you're doing is you're just revealing it into your present physical experience and that's how you'd manifest it so it's actually you're just amplifying the the manifestation of it from the spiritual to the physical so so there's no element or it's not here it's actually it actually is here and so you're actually focusing on the presence of it and nurturing that and building that into your your physical now as well so that's really powerful hum all because if you think about it if we already have everything that we need and all we have to do is reveal it or remember it and then connect to it then how long does it really take to find something that you already have know what I mean if that's right it's a whole different mindset to having to create your fratty because then you're actually seeking something outside of yourself where instead you actually you already note here and you're just revealing as an aspect of yourself that's what you're doing here on spirituality bootcamp the seven principles of spiritual practice and I'm your host Kristen white and today we're talking about visualization and how powerful these images that we hold inside our minds and in our hearts and how those can become our reality very quickly and my guest today is Hamal radhiya and he's calling us from the UK and joining us and we were just talking about how when you have this image of something that you want sometimes when we think it's outside of ourselves that is creates a big delay and in bringing it to us and in fact everything we need everything we desire everything that we even get an inclination around we already have within our being we just may not have located it yet absolutely because oftentimes what happens is that when we think something is outside of ourselves we're actually focusing on the lack with another it's oftentimes when someone someone's looking for a relationship and they think that the love a relationship and it's like well I have this relationship it'll make me happy or what I have this amount of money it'll make me happy what I have this job it'll make me happy so oftentimes what they're doing they're perceiving the lack within there now so in a sense it's like they're looking for something outside of themselves and really it's really trying to try to focus on how the relationship will make me feel what aspects will it bring out within themselves and that's often why people don't get to attract the things they want because oftentimes they're looking for something that's not here and they're focusing on how unhappy they are because they know in a relationship and so it's really about focusing within what you do have and what you will have just like we were saying before the break it's like you know how would it be if you're 21 the example about the girl that wants to be who's 14 and wants to be 21 how will it be when you have what you want and just going to nurture that energy in your now and then that just grows and expands and you get the physical manifestation apologists like that wasn't quite sure the question so that's why Paul if I could try to fallen asleep without a sizeable Vanessa with a good already warned you that I would wake you back up now I'm just teasing of course you know I have I have a fun story you know my my husband is somebody who doesn't really think of himself as being intuitive but the other day he was out he was riding his bike and he got this like I would call it like a divine download he just got this image that like dropped into his mind and he's like you know I think I should apply for a job you know he's been a banker for a long time and he was thinking about going back into he's like I think I should apply for a job and it's funny he came home and he told me that he had this image that just dropped into his mind and I said well you know what I'm curious about that I'm just going to go online and see what's available right now for this kind of job that you just got a hit on and if there wasn't a job that had been posted within one day of exactly what he wanted that it dropped into him as a visualization and so I think that if this is it was an important example of how we do get guidance from the universe we get intuitive hits we get visualizations or daydreams that kind of drop in and how important it is to take action on those thoughts that seem like they come out of nowhere but they actually come from us yeah and sometimes what happened is like someone may follow up with all those intuitions and they may not always exactly be how they think it is but you know it's like something may not it's like someone may feel drawn to looking into a particular profession or or going to a certain place or going to the supermarket whatever it might be and they may wonder why and what this is the thing which on and logically figure out the intuitive it doesn't work you know you're trying to sort of use logic to explain in some intelligence and so it may be perfect for you to be at the supermarket because it may not be it may be that when you go to look for that job it might you might go to a website for bankers but it might then give you information about something else which is actually something else more relevant or whatever also it may be a stepping stone so it may be the perfect stepping stone for you at this moment to get the information you need for whatever else so you gonna say something it's what I was going to say that's exactly right because he thought that it was this one opportunity there and then it led to another phone call with someone somewhere else who then was oh you're perfect for something beyond what you've looked at and I'm going to refer you to somebody else so it's already become like a little treasure map and beyond what he ever thought it was going to be and I think that that is such an important point when we're talking about law of attraction and manifesting and visualizing is put it out there but then the open to the unlimited possibilities and to trust because that's a big lesson that I've learned from using these spiritual principles is that yes I do my principles you know I create sacred space I practice gratitude I practice forgiveness I do the things that we're talking about and then I trust and I act hmm yes I agree and you know I'm in temple what we're saying here it's all it's also an it's following the essence of what you're looking for as well like with rather than the form so for example if your husband was drawn to looking at something regarding banking if there's a part of him that said oh no this doesn't feel right it's at all it's ready well if it's not right if you felt that's the inspiration he got then follow it and let it go sometimes we focus so much on the form that we don't allow the essence or the energy of the essence to continue to flow it's like someone saying well you know I want to marry a guy who's like this this and that but he's gonna have blue eyes but then a guy shows up with brown eyes and she completely discards it but when she actually would have met him she would've actually discovered that he's actually everything she's looking for when the eyes didn't matter anyways just that she's got this particular concept her mind the conscious mind or you could say the ego has a certain template and whereas you could still probably attract someone with blue eyes but in a sense the universe may have brought her what she wants my cooker and just because she thinks it's in just because she thinks it has service on wrapping paper she may not actually accept the parcel that she's been given isn't that a no true though I mean isn't that so true that we are so programmed as a society that we want it how we want it and we get really narrow in our focus I call it using the monocle you like to remember the ships that we're going to have the long telescope you look out at what am i and it's very limited in his margin and that you know if you actually had a higher perspective or a broader viewpoint you would see how it all works together instead of us always trying to manage where is micromanaging yeah from from the ego or the fact of them yeah allowing rather than allowing our essence to flow and following our intuition our impulses and what you were saying a moment ago about taking action as well yeah because then it's like assume that you're aligned to what you want and what you want is ready to come into your life what is it feels wrong to experiencing right now it could be some actions you feel wrong to taking and oftentimes what happens we tend to second-guess ourselves or we we doubt ourselves or you know we may say things like oh well I I'm not good enough or it's not going to happen for me anyway and so what happened is whilst the inspirations that you're coming through you you're actually short-circuiting it with your with your self-talk in your language so yeah it's like you the universe giving you the information you need to do what you need to do but there's a part of you that's going well it won't work out for me anyway and so on and so on so you actually through that noise you actually not actually knowing what the universe of thing because you've got all that noise blocking you out and so you're actually not following up and what you need to follow up on so and like we were saying earlier pretend assume you already assume the universe is on your side take a guess just start somewhere get the ball rolling and then as things start to move you start to gather momentum you start to build confidence and you then then the messages get louder and clearer and you're actually more receptive to them because you're not hearing the other noise as well you know I really love that thought is that you know you a lot of life and being present is just to get in to the place where you want to be you know kind of like that oh I mean here in the US we call it you know fake it till you make it you know what I am you know you just going to put yourself in that position as if it's already happening and you know I've used this many times inside my life and I always seem to the universe eventually gets the memo you know everybody else gets the memo of where I've seen myself I remember when I even first started doing you know this radio many many years ago before you know I connected with vivid life and I just had an ideas like all just started at my kitchen table you know and then one thing led to another and you know it just it mushroom clouded and I think that you know we always just need to start but have the visualization of the endpoint as if it's already there you know I met a quantum physicist once and he talked about maybe he was on the show I can't remember who it was but he talked about that at any given point we have a multitude of realities that we can connect to you know some are close and some are further away and this is actually like scientific fact and that's all we need to do is energetic we connect to the frequency of whichever one of those multi-dimensional realities we want and as soon as so and then everything in between orchestrates itself that's exactly what we can say exactly yeah so it's really assumed everything is a probability everything that you want has a probability to it and it's really a matter of which probability amplified by your attention or more so your energy – that's it yeah I mean when you think about it that way it's really simple why can't we get that yeah it's really about you know whatever we focus on we're amplifying even like when we say things to ourselves like oh I'd love that car oh but it won't I won't get I can I can't afford it or I don't know enough and of course that's what you'll read that so that's what your amplifying the fact that you don't early enough or whatever else and of course that's what's then stays in your reality often times that's why people don't get to attract the things they want because often times when they think of what they want they have a like they may say a sentence of themselves like oh I'll be so happy when I meet the man or the woman of my dreams etc but then then I have a following sentence like oh but you know all men know women are like this or I will find someone that makes me happy and so they contradict Ragno track so it's it's oftentimes the the hidden sort of second sentence that you have which actually mixes mix it up more energy so it's really being conscious of that and being pure about your thoughts and so when I say pure in terms of keep them but what you want don't let other subtle come into it just enjoyed and don't them let the universe surprised you pleasantly so you focus on your energy and all the good stuff and and not the the doubts or the fears let the universe surprise you and let it let it you know create new realities but just just focus enjoy the journey you'll be working with the energy and obviously we'll talk about visualization so enjoy the the process of the visualization enjoy the energy work and let the universe handle the physical manifestation too often we kind of get caught up and when will it come how will it come where will it come from etc and that's our mind thinking into a lot and again that's that's just adding anxiety to your energy but instead enjoyed that the process is like enjoy the journey enjoyed the person to what you're doing and let the M the end result take care of itself and of course thinking about the end result can be part of the process you know like you were saying think of the end you know visualize etcetera etcetera that can be part of the process and but but enjoy it and that that also allows us to sort of lightly relax into it as well rather singham very tightly and being very attached to it and in a sense living our energy flow in fact it more easily you know this I call what you're talking about I just I'm so loving our conversation I call it the angelic dating service okay so the end the only dating service is like and it's not necessarily to me necessarily another person like you would think it's just to meet whatever is out there so it's like the universe has a sense of what we wish for or what we'd like to see happen in our lives and then I just trust that I'll be connected to that in any way and I find that it happens over and over again it doesn't matter if it's you know a house it doesn't matter if it's a speaking opportunity it doesn't matter if it's a guest it just doesn't matter and what I have found is that because I now operate from this assumption that you know it's just going to I'm just going to meet it like is it with a blind date that oftentimes what I'm looking for no matter no sooner do I have the thought then the phone rings or a client comes in and they're exactly what I just had a thought like the manifestation of its time between the manifestation is very very short yeah that that's a beautiful what you say this is just so beautiful in so many ways energetically as well we're saying earlier about trusting and assuming often times people assume kind of the opposite like Oh it'll never work out for me or why is this keep happening so it was what you've said it actually like well things do work out for me and the fact things will work out very quickly for me now sometimes it happen very quickly right right away when I need them or or in fact the universe has a solution for me before I've even had the problem sort of thing and so like the universe's on standby to deliver or someone needs someone someone who believes in angels or spirits all that I was like my angels are ready to deliver or whatever whatever is but and it is essentially and notice what it's building in some villages right look it's by a sense of trust sense of knowingness everything is okay everything will be okay there are no problems did everything actually is okay my angels are already deliver the solution and I will and if there's something I consciously comprehend it's okay because my angel will take care of it so there's a sense of ease feeling a feeling of trust and allowing in them and hence the universe corresponds with that you know recently a all I was watching this movie and that there was a great line in the movie and it said everything will be alright in the end and if it's not alright it's not the end and I thought I loved that line because yeah I have learned through you know just life and I mean I have four kids and you know I've done them I married my second time you know so you know I haven't lived this perfect flawless thing but I have learned that oftentimes things need to fall apart before they can come together you know just like the energy of the wave you know we go through periods where things look totally formed and beautiful and otherwise they look like chaos but then both things are necessary it's necessary to hold steady in both places and that's been a valuable lesson for me so I always kind of visualize when it's going to go back to the form even though sometimes when it's chaotic we can forget that there ever was any form you know yeah and maybe when it's chaos is actually the perfect thing to experience that momentum shaping and molding you for what's about to come right exactly exactly so we are actually going to take our next break but I wanted you to take a moment and just tell all of our listeners you know how can they find you and with you privately okay so and we were talking again so the easiest way for people to find me is if they go to my web page which is at Hamel Roger calm that's wwm Aradia that's a chi mal ra di a calm and you'll find all sorts of resources downloads links there you'll get links to pages on facebook on twitter my blog which is at manifesting in law of attraction calm the link will be there I do a group call but people can send in questions and they can ask me questions every week we've got a private Facebook group where you can connect with others but certainly and you can be on live calls every week and ask me questions or if you can't attend live you can download the audio we have a lot of people that attend these and they'll end it and many joy just to download afterwards so they'll send in their questions and the next day they'll download the answers to their questions and then really enjoy it so we've been happily been running that since early last year and that's very popular so if you go to Hemel Roger calm you can find out all about that including working one-to-one with me as well if you'd like to but hold homeland stuff free stuff the group stuff one to one it's all there thank you wonderful and I know that you are actually going to be later on this year in Australia up in the Queensland area for your first visit there and it's absolutely incredible so if you're listening from Australia we would love for you to connect with Hamal as well so we'll have some information on the vivid life university site with your URL and all of that how challenging it can be sometimes to actually take a spiritual practice or principle and just to get started you know sometimes these thoughts can be so abstract or these concepts and it's like well what do I do for myself right now in this moment so home all what is something that lets say we have listeners out there who are like I can't visualize my annoy my mind is so noisy you know we just even start to quiet the mind with a visualization just to get started to really then begin to see what we want to bring in yeah I mean first of all for you if we're having a lot of noises maybe just ask yourself what the noise is about and oftentimes it's fears or anxieties so it's very soothing those it's soothing those and of course then we head towards more of what we want and more away from what we don't want and we're also just doing the break well I was also saying as we're talking about keep with a lot of spiritual methods or principle and said so people find it sometimes a bit of a challenge because it can be quite abstract so in a sense let's get specific and practical here I mean let me say also say this that we talked about the spiritual boil we in a sense we're talking about spiritual solutions to everyday sort of physical problems so display and yeah so what up so what I'd say really is that realize though that you're not actually physically not spiritual actually you're both so it's really I mean when I talk about manifesting and the way I teach is really about blending the two together it's like you know you came into this physical life for a reason you're not just here you're not here this will the sake of it so you are actually a spiritual being living a physical experience you're you're a blend of the two so when I teach manifesting to actually it's about flowing your spiritual energy or your non-physical energy or whatever you record to the physical vessel that is used so and that's that's how I define a sort of manifesting way actually blending and working with the two together hand-in-hand so to realize that if you're having physical problems realize that you never stopped being divine or you never stopped being spiritual you always have been it's just at times you you disconnected your flow a little bit because of your anxieties your fears etc so identifies yeah identify where what is that what's the noise because you know we create a lot of stuff you know what what's the noise about is it really that bad because at the end of the day you know we go through lots of things in life and in time we always realize that the thing that we feared or thought was the worst thing actually never was and never work out as bad as it as we thought it wouldn't even if it did we got over and we moved on so I think that that oftentimes helps us soothe the things that we're scared about because some some oftentimes the reason we're scared about something is because we haven't thought of us getting through it and if you have to face something you will get through it and you have you always have that's why you're here so realize that no matter how bad it seems you will get through it one way or the other you will get to it either gonna be you know drag you your nail through it or another way your choice is how you get yourself but you will get through it and you always have gotten through it so it's just really soothing yourself in terms of you know where you're at so in a sense that's what that's often what stops us tuning into our flow our interesting intuition our inspiration because we have so much noise there's so much fear sometimes we paralyze ourselves so it's really about soothing that you know what is that about and having a conversation with yourself about that once you quite in that you're then more into your flow and hence you can hear when someone tries to visualize something if they're having a little internal noise there the energy is mixed basically so and so it's almost like trying to press the accelerator while having the brakes on so in a sense you're letting go the resistance and the fears and anxieties so that you can get your self into your flow more easily and then then you can visualize more how you want things to be start to daydream in a nice way like I was saying earlier enjoy the process enjoy the flowing of the energy and then then let the manifestations go from there you know I I have a couple like visualizations that I have enjoyed using and some of them are quite simple like one of them this is one of the earlier ones that I used to use and I imagine um in meditative state but it just you could just close your eyes and do this this imagery I would imagine that I'm walking into a room and I just take note of what the room looks like okay so where the windows open or closed or their draperies you know over the window is the room light or dark is there a lot of clutter in it or is it empty and this would kind of help me we're talking about using symbols earlier would help me gauge what was going on in my life you know if the room was really crowded I knew that there was a lot going on like I was overburdened if if the furniture was really old I knew that I was you know experiencing a lot of things from the past if the windows were closed I knew that I wasn't seeing things in the full light you know I kind of set up a structure so I would go in and I would kind of just just take like a little check you know inside the room and then what I would do is kind of using you know the power of visualization and I call it like visual magic you know if I wanted to dissolve something I would just touch you know a piece of furniture there was in the room and it would dissolve or I would pull open the draperies or I would open the window I would let the light in I'd paint the room a bright color and I would symbolically clean out my psyche using the situation tool even though I had no idea what the chair would represent or what the worst represented I just used it as like a tool to clean out the clutter in my energetic being this is fascinating because what you're talking about here and the process you just talked about is I see something that I've kind of been playing with a lot more as well in recent times I've been working a lot more with my intuition etc and even symbology so you know there are different ways people are intuitive or psychic in one way is through symbology so people just like you said someone will symbolically represent something they could look in their room or they may have an internal image and then they'll they'll decode it just like someone made decodes and tarot cards or interpret them basically so in the sense we're doing that with internal imagery and again we're talking about visualization so and I thought I thought well how can I use this for manifesting and love applying the law of attract so actually came up with something very similar to what you described there which is I would say okay well think about particular context and what what Intel imagery do I get and oftentimes it may it could be symbolic it doesn't have to be precise so so let's I imagine a field with dark clouds for example so okay so maybe it's a certain context and I may not need to know constantly what which context it is but if I imagine the the field with dark clouds and so maybe they're just just something which is looking a lot at groom at that time so then I will work with myself and shifting the imagery to something more pleasant so perhaps I noticed the wind comes by and the dark clouds move on and some of the Sun comes out and some time hearing birds in the trees and it's changing the two then and what I'm doing is I'm changing the imagery to how I would like it to be and I'm keeping it that way and so in the same time I'm getting used to it being with it with the birds and the trees and the and the sun shining down and so on and so on and that's then in a sense I made me focus on that a little bit longer so that state and that's my lasting impression of it and I just reinforced that so in a sense it's creating internal change using symbols you're just like you're describing so that's kind of something I've been playing with similarly as well well you know it's interesting because my intuition all my intuitive channels opened up as a result of spiritual practice so I am an open channel intuitive but the world is spiritual symbols that I see pull from my own dictionary so it's interesting like you know I've read some books like about you know Carl Jung you know man in his symbols and about mythology and just whatever I'm interested in okay so when I see a symbol like if someone comes in to do a session with me and I've done thousands of sessions I just need the symbol and then I already know what my dictionary is because I've created it over time and then I just go and refer to that I say oh well when I see this it means this or this and then I don't of interpret it yeah yeah yeah I'm I know those intruders they do the same day they over time you build your own internal diction that's exactly right the start of the call we talked about symbology I said you everyone and things the list as you know you have your own internal way of representing things so to find that that's what we talked about you you're identifying your own internal dictionary and you get you stay with it basically yeah and there are these wonderful universal symbol so like if you let's say you're having a lot of challenges in your emotions and you want to take a check you can just visualize you are standing at the edge of a body of water it can be an ocean it can be a lake it could be a pond it can be a stream you look at the water is the water clear or dirty is it turbulent isn't smooth and just kind of look at the quality and that will tell you immediately through that visualization exercise where where you're at and there's all kinds of things like that that you can use in like just visualization tools for like a quick check-in of you know how things are going yeah and sometimes like you may be an internal emotion you've got a feeling and oftentimes you may not be feeling very good so you could just say well what is this and if you want to turn it into a visual you could say okay this feeling I have what does it what does it look like what's the representation of it is it like I'm by a swamp for example or is it dark water or what you know what is it so just naturally in a sense assume assume the imagery is there sometimes and we can be able to absorbed by our let's say feelings and emotions and so we're not conscious of the visual side of things or maybe your side of things so it's just it's just allowing that to reveal itself and just noticing is there because sometimes we can be able absorb but by situations we may be in but it's like just calming yourself and just noticing what it represents then working with the because oftentimes it can be easier to work with the visual then it can working with the kinesthetic because the kinesthetic has emotions and emotions can be a little if we're like a great place can come a little bit sticky they can be worked on as well it's different for different people but sometimes the visual can be quicker and easier because there's there's less emotion backed up usually often times you know have all it's so funny too because I was thinking about this is like you know we talked at the beginning of the show about how you know some people are not as visual you know they don't they can't their imagination doesn't do pictures maybe they feel something or over here or something but I will tell you I know that the universe definitely has a sense of humor okay and I can tell you that I have been out and had something happen and all of a sudden I look up in the car in front of me we'll have like the old bumper stickers you know like all right okay I get it you know and it just it looks just uses it and so what I'm saying is if you cannot visualize inside your imagination you will get a visual message outside and you will literally see a billboard hear a song see a bumper choker get a phone call that if you are open to allowing that divine sense of humor the universe has a sense of humor that it will stop you right in the middle of any kind of energetic temper tantrum you might be having hey you know yes everything's still fine you know uh this reminds me of something specific I someone I know actually about a month or two ago she was driving her car and she's wondering whether he loves her or not so she looked in front of the car in front of the license plate love you then I think the next car she was meant to be seeing him on a certain date and so she wasn't sure so I think the next car had a certain date which is exactly let's just think you've seen it so this is like Queen quick success in quick succession so she took these photos and sent images also look on television well I think that that is true that that the the non-physical world the energetic realm uses symbols sine songs messages bumper places you know drivers are these plates things to speak to us so if we can be present like what you talked about and to pay attention and say this message is for me I'm claiming this message for me that it will show us visually like literally visually in front of us that we're heading in that right direction yeah exactly in my view they also communicate internally externally but when we have those external ones we tend to be a little bit more convinced by them but sometimes we don't trust whether something is coming up internally when it's our fears or whatever and that's how someone becomes a very very good intuitive when they actually know what message is internally are not from their fears and their hopes and actually more concrete shall we say so so I actually can communicate in both ways but we tend to be more we tend to believe more the outside because it tends to really must be real if it's happening out there sort of right exactly you know it's so funny I my friends are always laughing they're like what how can it be that it is like you know Christmas and you end up parking that first slot like right in front of the department store you know what I mean like okay and I know that I have people who've been on this my show before who would cringe if I'm talking about manifesting a parking spot but but for me it's always a sign oh I must be in the flow this week because getting my you know angelic parking and that you know sometimes it's just little subtle things that will kind of show you even though there's no evidence to the fact that you're still on the right path by you know these little messages like love you or yeah you know just it can be anything and yeah we're actually almost running out of time so I don't want to miss the opportunity for you to tell all of our listeners and I know we have thousands of listeners for our show here tonight how can people register for your wonderful advance class so I know you have generously offered to teach an advanced class exclusively through vivid life University will you'll be working with people personally tell us just a little bit about you know what you're going to be working with everyone on sure so we'll be spending a Buddhist but I think it's four weeks we'll be going into more detail but what we talked about today so you can ask questions about this you can ask about my own experiences with this we'll be talking a little bit about visualization but we'll talk just like today we'll be talking more about manifesting more energy vibration so really we'll go deeper into all talked about today we'll have more examples people can send their own questions as well looking in fact so we wouldn't go a lot more deeper in detail about some of the things we've talked about if you don't talk about symbology doing processes with symbology we can talk about that as well so if people want to ask about that and so essentially we've kind of covered a broad spectrum of things and of course it does tie in with manifesting with law of attraction to aligning your energy dealing with clearing out the noise so that you can more effectively visualized or get a sense of your the internal side of things so that's what we'll do we'll go a lot more deeper and more details into that and of course people can be more interactive and ask their questions as well you know and Hamal we were talking about what what I believe is how important the practice of visualization is and how it's directly linked I believe to manifesting and our prosperity is like that you know they say it was seeing is believing and in if you envision it I mean there there's references in so many spiritual texts that when you can perceive something that it becomes your reality so I can't press enough to all of you listening if you can get this this one thing down I use it all the time in my life it has probably been you know the biggest turning point of just making my life feel really magical and kind of fun like I'll visualize stuff sometimes and I think wow that is hysterical you know just a way that it comes in it starts to make your life much more of an adventure and really actually delightful yes how to have fun the visualization as well because that's really what it was about something when people trying to attract if they try and make it a toy the compartment and of course if you're making hard work that's where your energy is it's hard work so make keeping it light and loose mannan making visualizations fun and creative and it's way to get you into your flow not to get you out of your flow yeah who wants to work harder you know I think this visualized that things come you know easily and effortlessly and to me actually I have learned if things are extremely challenging if there's a lot of blocks you know maybe you should just take a break and we go back to visualizing you know what it is I want to attract and maybe I'm pushing and you know if I ever feel like I'm pushing I really learned to stop and pause for a moment not give up but just to pause maybe there's an easier way and I just haven't it hasn't been revealed to me yet when they say that imagination is more powerful than willpower so visualization is really a tools unlocking your imagination it's really tapping into that place was huge if you change your reality in life becomes very easy and visualizations it's also changing your way out and how you perceive reallocation exactly so hum all radhiya thank you so much for being here and again tell us your website one more time so that people can check you out yep it's a wwm well Roger calm that's whe mal ra di a calm thank you temel thank you so much I know it's now 2 a.m. in the UK and there have been energized and delightful and I loved our conversation so thank you for joining us thank you Kristen's been grateful thank you thank you for sharing your example and so it's been great fun to advance that'll be the idea thank you thank you so much into all of you we've really enjoyed having you here on spirituality boot camp but next week we will have our guest Edie and Deb Shapiro will be talking about meditation and until then again thank you so much and we will catch you next week bye bye for now BlogTalkRadio where millions of hosts and listeners gather you

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