Namaste and welcome to Gypsianmoon This is a guided meditation inspired by the Pisces Full Moon Occurring on the
14th of September at 4:34 a.m. Universal Time being closest to the 22nd September
Equinox it is also the Harvest Moon before we go further if you’re here just
for the guided meditation you will find the time stamps below Alright, so let us now begin with understanding what this full moon is all about Occurring in the
Phoenix constellation the moon will be illuminating in the sign of Pisces at 21
degrees 21 as a spiritual number represents the fulfillment of what is
“willed” arduous long-term process of spiritual transformation, victory and
success all of which are very much in tune with the full moon the energy of
the full moon will give you that extra ounce of power and confidence to release
certain things out of your life emotionally heal and rise up from the
ashes by re-instilling your faith once again It will remind you that every
moment is a chance to start once again This is a time to make fresh space for
good and healthier habits and aspects to broaden your outlook and horizons by
first opening the door for them to enter. Being the Harvest Moon The moon light
will be illuminating your emotional world because Pisces is the sensitive
sign it is emotional, highly intuitive and a daydreamer too so utilizing the
pisces energy of higher empathy, tune into your feelings that come during this time instead of pushing or running away you’re asked to gently deal with them in
a kind and compassionate way this will highly support and strengthen your
growing intuition as this is a portal where your intuition will be urging you
towards moving forward past any doubts fears or anxiety. With Sun in Virgo the
virtue of healing and balance will be strongly supported by the full moon as
it opens the door for letting go of any storm enabling you to distance yourself
from all that which no longer syncs. Any kind of inflation, confusion, delusion or
even addiction should be avoided as Jupiter in Sagittarius which is now
direct and ruler of Pisces Neptune which is also right now stationed in Pisces
will be creating a few sticky aspects to the Sun and Moon during this time. With Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury in Virgo, this stationing will help you hold the ground
and clean up your acts. Pisces-Neptune energy will help you do this with love
and gentleness Lastly, Mars will be opposite and squared
to Neptune and Jupiter respectively this may increase doubts and deceptions or
even increased expectations and the risk of taking impulsive decisions which is why counting on your intuition will be very very beneficial There could be
times of haste, where you feel impulsively drawn to make
a decision or rapidly shunt out things due to impatience but the potentially
strongest and positive aspects of Pluto sextiling the full moon will give you
powerful intuition and abilities to control your emotions, promoting a
rebirth process which will be fully assisted by this full moon. So the essence at the end is to strike a balance between the high and low tides to ensure you progress spiritually, mentally, physically and even emotionally. So that is the basic crux which is coming through. Being in the Phoenix
constellation there is a energy of rebirth burning away the ego self or that
which we have known into ashes… Only to be uplifted by air once again with the wild fire and grace burning within us with wisdom, our power and our wand
giving ourselves the rebirth and realignment to our lives for the massive
boost to go ahead. Now that we know about the Full Moon’s Energy, let us begin with
the inspired and timeless guided meditation breathe in wholesomely and
relax as you breathe out relax your mind relax your body release
any kind of tensed muscle that may be there….. Breathe in and breathe out get your focus onto your breathing as you slowly and steadily gently push away any external thought that may be coming through breathe in and breathe out you are calming your mind down chant Om
as you breathe out starting now breathe in Om… breathe in Om…. clearing your mind let us do it one
more time breathe in Om… relax your back “We are calling upon Archangel Chamuel and Ascended Master White Matthew, along with the legion of angels,
spirits and guides to fill the space and our life with illumination and positive
vibrations. There is no space for any negative energy or entity. We are calling
in the light to protect us and guide us towards our own full illumination.” breathe in and chant Om Om… one last time breathe in Om…. Just relax…. There’s positivity around you *music* breathe in and breathe out we will be
doing breath work a yogic practice known as ‘Kapalbhati’ the Breath of Fire Sit nice and tall with the legs crossed if you find it uncomfortable then just make sure that your back is nice and tall with your shoulders rolled back and relaxed we are focusing on being gentle with our
body mind and soul breathe in and breathe out now gently bring your hands
towards the lower belly inhale and fill you belly allow it to expand and exhale
by contracting your belly and letting all the air out of your system let us do it two more times slowly expand and fill your belly as you inhale and contract and empty your belly as you
exhale inhale and expand your belly exhale and contract the navel is drawing in…. Kapalbhati uses the same system of expanding and contracting your lower
belly while focusing more on the breathing out and emptying the stomach so in a way you will be contracting your stomach rigorously with each breath out the exhale will be active and the inhale will be passive it will sounds like this * 4 times quickly exhaling through the nose * So it’s almost like you are clearing your nose while at the very same time contracting your belly too. This is an excellent exercise
for the lower belly, clearing your lungs in the morning and awakening the
Kundalini try doing it twice with me right now 1 2 We will be doing this exercise
30 times you can take a break whenever you feel tired and resume the meditation breathe in and breathe out Imagine yourself, during this practice, as though you’re cleansing yourself from any kind of negative energy that may
have still remained in you with every breath out alright, so now sit nice and tall let’s roll our shoulders back three two and one and relax our shoulders move your hands
a bit so that you know that they are relaxed and place your hands on your lower
belly now let us begin (Kapalbhati) *Counts for Exhaling* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 *exhales* just relax enjoy the rhythms of your heart breathe in and
breathe out nice and relaxed breathe in once again and breathe out *music* imagine looking at yourself in the
mirror *music* breathe in and breathe out observe the outline of your body as you
can see it fully now *music* no judgments just observe *music* breathe in and breathe out while keeping
this image in your head imagine the mirror now transforming into
a white screen in five four three two one and zero breathe in and breathe out now create your silhouette the ‘akaar’ or shape recreating the circumference of
your body you have just observed or it’s likeness with ease *music* you are embracing all that you are all of yourself with love breathe in the positivity and breathe out the negativity *music* while you are embracing your shadow in the following 5 counts, imagine, a yellow aura slowly streaming across from
head towards the toes of your shadow that you are witnessing now let us begin 5 there is a spark of yellow light thinly covering the head of the
silhouette 4 it is going down the neck around the shoulders 3 it is flowing
across the hands around the hips breathe in and breathe out 2 it is now travelling thinly covering your thighs and coming till your knees and 1 it is now traveling towards your feet breathe in and breathe out the yellowish aura may be thin or thick depending on your imagination hold this visual during the music that follows *music* while you have been embracing your
shadow you have been to cocooning it with love, light and high vibrations breathe in wholesomely and breathe out the shadow is your friend and a very
positive aspect which feels strongly and vibrates highly breathe in the
positivity and breathe out the doubts Now slowly start extending your arms and allow this loving, enlightened shadow of yours to come towards you now in five four three two and one you’re feeling calm and relaxed imagine the silhouette placing it’s hands
over yours in three two and one You notice that it is translucent and you
know now that it is truly safe and you are being filled with love and
compassion breathe in, in this knowing and breathe out the doubts breathe in the love and breathe out the doubts Now, in the music and chant that follows imagine the yellow aura from the
silhouette spreading all across your body starting from your palms take as
much time as you want to allow this vibrant thin or thick layer of yellow
aura to cover your body with the bright-translucent yellow light Om… Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo…. Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yoh Nah Pracho Dayah *music* Breathe in the brightness that is cocooning you and breathe out Feel the revitaling-light bright energy of positivity and
happiness pure joy and bliss cocooning you protecting you caring for you refuelling the fire within you which is pure filled with love starting for
yourself and re-instilling positivity inspiration, motivation, creativity and
excitement of pure bliss and joy filling your heart, mind and soul relax and just enjoy breathing in this energy that you are creating being extended by the Divine by the pure light and source please listen to the following message while you keep on breathing deeply and wholesomely before we continue with the
affirmations “We bring you the blessing of Original Self, as you progress through
life learning and growing, you gain wisdom and strength. You grow, more radiant and authentic, true to who you are, and as this happens, many of the
layers of identity, begin to fall away. What you once believed yourself to be, is
shown, to be not much more than clothing your soul wore for a time. You have outgrown that. It is no longer a good fit, it constrains too
much, no longer reflecting your personality, vibrancy, uniqueness and
beauty. So allow yourself to discard it now. Perhaps you are able to be more
spiritually naked? The sense being true and authentic, comfortable in your own
skin, playing the part you are divinely
designed to play and as you proceed, with this undertaking, the sense of who you
are becomes simpler. You are just you. Others may or may not get you, but
nonetheless, you are still just you. You are freeing yourself from the
projections of others, of the World and simply living, as your original, radiant,
eternal and graceful Divine Self.” Let us soak in as much positivity as we can Expand your belly as you breathe in And squeeze our bellies as we release the
negative energies of doubt fear and anxiety *deep breath out* Breathe in wholesomely and release *deep breath out* smile it will be worth the while you are
now ready to affirm a pledge to be your Original Self Please repeat the
following affirmations “I choose of my own freewill through this and any lifetime and through all layers of my entire being to forgive release and free myself unconditionally from any judgment shame, confusion, doubt, manipulation or projection about who I am I invite the true me to come out to play to be revealed to be loved to be free May I be blessed and assisted in all ways to uncover and discover the original beauty of my Divine nature passion and purpose so I can fulfill my Divine life mission in this lifetime. May all beings be free and supported to discover and love who they are and why they are here. I am proud of who I am as I slowly embrace my uniqueness. I move towards accepting and revealing playing the part for which I am truly, divinely designed. Each part of my personality is unique and empowers me, for I am confident and now declare for anything that is not of Unconditional love to leave my field. I forgive and release you, in goodwill, go in peace. Through unconditional love, Divine grace and my own freewill. So be it.” Breathe in and breathe out Let us chant Om two times followed by
two Shanti(s) before we end this meditation. Om Om Shaan-tee-hee Shaan-tee-hee You can always
imagine this light filling you with confidence and light, for alleviating
any negative energy or thought that may crop up in your mind. Don’t wait for permission to discover and be your real self. You are beautiful, you are now if
you don’t know who that is take time to get to know yourself and
find out. Go deeper, dive deeper, swim towards calmer waters, keep life simple and light you are worth the time and effort and
the World needs you to be ‘you’ no matter if others think they know better than
the Divine about how you should have been created. Your innate Divine essence
is intact, untainted and will be revealed to you in full beauty. Let your soul and yourself bloom fully in the times to come and live life in it’s full glory… this is a timeless meditation and you can come back any time as and when you wish
to do this meditation once again Thank you, for taking time for yourself today
through this channel Many-many beautiful blessings
empowerment, clarity, light and power Love to you all Thank you so much for being
here until next time Om Namah Shivay Keep that vibe high my lovely Moonians! :*


  1. Sit back and relax
    Time Stamps:
    1) Full Moon Energy:- 0:39
    2) Pisces Energy:- 1:53
    3) Sun in Virgo:- 2:47
    4) Planetary Mash-up:- 3:06
    5) The Mars Act:- 3:52
    6) Pluto the Saviour:- 4:28
    7) Phoenix Constellation:- 5:11
    8) Guided Meditation:- 5:55
    9) AA Chamuel & Spirit Message:- 23:43
    10) Pledge of Original Self:- 26:55
    Love and Infinite Light Moonians🙏🤗

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