★MANIFEST★ Meditation on Law of Attraction

★MANIFEST★ Meditation on Law of Attraction

Oh welcome to doxy meditations in this guided meditation I will guide you into manifesting anything that you can imagine it is best to do this session when you are alone in a quiet room now just focus on my voice to begin I'd like you to choose an intention what do you want what would you like to manifest for now just choose one thing you can do this manifestation process as much as you'd like but every time you do it just choose one thing to focus on so choose your intention right now it could relate to relationships health money anything you want now that you have that one intention in your mind let's begin please make yourself as comfortable as possible and in the next few moments we are going to Center our mind and our body and focus our energy on manifesting our innermost desires now take a deep breath and let it out and just begin to relax just allow your whole body to become more and more relaxed take another deep breath and let it go your mind and your body are letting go right now all that you want to do and achieve is going to be done in this present moment not in the past and not in the future for the next few moments I want you to let go of the world around you as you know it because when you come back the world around you will have changed for the better now just continue breathing deeply and slowly at this moment right now imagine a stream of radiant light coming down into the top of your head and opening up that energy center in your mind glowing brighter and more radiant now filling your mind with positive energy you can feel and sense this bright light of positive energy traveling down your spine opening all the energy centers inside of your spine right now you can see it now feel it now and sense right now and now enlarge this growing bright light increasing the flow of positive energy now imagine that this bright light of positive energy is shining out from the center of your chest just expand it now radiate and send this energy out to everywhere and everyone remember to stay focused on the moment in the present moment right now you are bringing forth your full potential in this moment becoming all that you can and want to be you know that your power comes from believing by believing it so you created so realize now that in this moment not in the future but right now and whatever you want comes to you easily and is brought to you in the most loving way it's being created with the positive energy that you're sending out in this moment it's here now this is happening right now the positive energy that you send out will come back to you in the best and most loving ways for whatever we send out we create in our experience understand and believe that the people circumstances and conditions in the world around you have already changed in this very moment just believe that it is happening right now there's no need to look for evidence we know that it has already happened in the present and in the future simultaneously you're expanding to your fullest potential right now in this moment sending out positive energy into the world to all space and time bringing back in the best possible way all that you create all that you need and all that you want to experience in this life it has already been created just let it go and let it be now breathe deeply and continue to relax realizing that every thought that you think has its own energetic vibrational frequency everything is created through energetic vibration you are now sending out the energetic vibration of your intention because you are clear on what you want nothing is more important than focusing on what you want when you focus on what you want you're taking the path of least resistance you must know believe and understand that you are creating what you call your future in this moment see it as already here it's already formed around you see it in this moment feel it sense it visualize it in this moment right now not in the past and not in the future in this moment right now you realize that the law of attraction has been activated at this moment it's magnetizing your desire and bringing it forth to you just trust it the law of attraction operates with mathematical perfection there's no variation the law works perfectly every time whatever you're sending out will find its vibrational match it will be attracted to you right now you do not need to wait for it as it's already here have it happening right now I cannot stress enough how important this is right at this moment it is already so you don't need to look for it you don't have to hope or wish that something is going to happen because it's already here you have to feel it sense it no one continue to focus on this very moment for the next few moments just enjoy the absolute realization of your intention just go ahead and enjoy it right now it feels great doesn't it doesn't it feel great to know that you can have what you want now I want you to release your intention just let it go right from your mind just release it now allow yourself some freedom and open your mind to the possibility of receiving some message from your higher self just allow an open space for your higher self to bring you a message right now and whatever it is accepted every thought every action every idea that pulls inspiration is directed and guided by your higher self that larger part of you that's one with the universe you are that larger part of you and you cannot be separated from it as your higher self guides you towards your desire ask this question what is the next thing I need to do or what action do I need to take that will help me to bring forth my desire what is the next thing I need to do or what action do I need to take that will help me to bring forth my desire as you go through the day you can continue to ask this question or you can simply let your subconscious mind work on it by itself whether you receive that answer immediately or at another time you must follow it no matter what trust and know that you are being guided this guidance will come to you in many ways but you must follow it and take action even the smallest step can be the turning point let the universe that links everything together take care of the process and the details when you focus on the end result you will be guided to the specific people circumstances or conditions and how to go about bringing forth what you desire the universe knows the essence of what you're reaching for and is yielding to you what you really want in this moment also allow yourself to be open to the possibility that you're being guided towards something even better if this happens just follow your intuition you're not limited in any way realize there is no shortage in anything that you desire if you miss one opportunity another will open up and then another and then another your stream of opportunity never runs out you must know that the universe operating through the law of attraction brings forth everything that you desire and that nothing is being withheld from you all things are given in the moment that you ask and except your desire is already created because you are now in a clear unrestrained no resistance state of mind allowing what you desire to be attracted into your life this means no more struggle or strain no more discouragement doubt worry or defeat but assure and happy process of creating the life that you desire now take a moment and imagine that you already have your intention your desire it's not in the future it's here right now imagine how you would feel if you absolutely knew that you already have what you want create that feeling right now the positive vibrational energy that you sent has already created it so get excited about it be excited about it and now open your eyes and look around look around the room that you're in here the sounds field butcher stay in this very moment still radiating out that positive energy and knowing that you have manifested your desire and now listen to these words and repeat them often that which I seek is seeking me I let go of how it will come to me and focus on my heart's desire my higher self within me knows how to make it happen so I just relax and let go everything that is necessary for the fulfillment of my desires is lovingly and harmoniously drawn to me I accept this or something better I am ready receptive and grateful you

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  8. I am a fan of this channel and I frequently listen to some of his meditations. But I do think this is a rip off of https://youtu.be/fKV8_5h3P_I
    And they do this better. Sorry 😐

  9. This particular meditation, do you need to have the same intention every time, or can you change intentions daily?

  10. Thanks for this video and very precise instructions, my focused thoughts power and the manifestation is real ,. With
    no special effort at all, my mind transmits the message to the Universe, relaxedly waiting for it to happen that has already been created in synergy: Me-Universe , I'm endlessly grateful .

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  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This video takes me there! It takes me there where I can see and feel my heart's desire and at that percise moment actually know that it's true! Yesterday, I did this for the first time, and might I add perhaps not as accurate as I thought I could have been, but I was opened to hearing from God, the universe and in a very relaxed state. I had an amazing conversation with my friends mother and came away with an amazing revelation. You see right now I am what one would consider homeless with maybe, as of this morning, about $57 to my name and just went through a family crisis. I forgot all about cleaning franchise I brought in 2009 and from the conversation with my friend"s mother was prompted to call the company. It was like everthing was just waiting there for me. Now I get a chance to reactivate my Franchise and to become what I told the Master Franchisor that I would be the first "Oprah Winfrey" of the conpany. My initial mentor who I called the $60,000 man ( I met him in 2009 he was making $60,000 a month) still have his franchise and is estimated to be making millions per year, is available to me. Wow…amazing… I get another chance to help myself into a life that I"ve been dreaming of and to help countless others as well, what a Blessing! Listening to this video took me there! New Beginings at 63 years old!

  13. This is a word for word ripoff of a guided meditation youarecreators posted a year prior.

    Come up with your own original stuff and stop ripping off other creators!

  14. i want to manifest permanent residency and visa for my refugee frend whos a refugee in my country bt it doesnt accept refugees here so i want to help him stay here with a proper visa.will it be possible?

  15. all I want is to be self sufficient and look after my family. I have an idea for my perfect job but everyone around me holds me back saying don't take the chance. I'm at a big crossroads. I need a sign as how to procede

  16. all I want is to be self sufficient and look after my family. I have an idea for my perfect job but everyone around me holds me back saying don't take the chance. I'm at a big crossroads. I need a sign as how to procede

  17. I am sorry, but this meditation sounds exactly the same WORD FOR WORD as the guided meditation from WeAreCreators: Manifest anything.

  18. There is another video like this on manifestation and the law of attraction. Both of these videos have almost the exact same words if not the same.

  19. Amazing video. Just listened to it and it felt so real. I even got jolts or shivers throughout my body. Like was in a trance. I'm believing my desire is already mine and is on its way to me. Thank You so much for this. Amen

  20. hi I want to thank you so much for your guided manifestation meditation from the first day I added to my morning meditations I have experienced instant results, thank you so much for the enlightenment. Blessings and love. Martha

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